SAS 2012 Keynotes

Energy Harvesting and Autonomous Sensors

Multi-Sensor Systen fir Greenhouse Automation

Wireless Sensor Networks for Industrial Applications

An Electronic Nose for Quality Assessment in Aerospace industry

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology for advanced Metal Oxides Gas Sensors

SAS 2012 Presentations

1569459849 Incipient fault detection for electric power transformers using neural modeling and the local statistical  approach to fault diagnosis

1569500575 Performance analysis on the competitiveness of Query processing and Compressive sensing in WSN

1569507359 Design of a Remote Electrical Conductivity Measurement Sensor Based on Pulsed Eddy Current Technology

1569509293 Sensors exploitation in Supply Chain Management for French Homeland Security

1569510381 Analysis of an Electromechanical Generator Implanted in a Human Total Knee Prosthesis

1569513457 Energy-Efficient Visual Monitoring based on the Sensing Relevancies of Source Nodes for Wireless Image  Sensor Networks

1569515909 Environment Sensing Using Smartphone

1569517253 Wireless sensor network for berth supervision in marinas

1569517507 Thermal Transient Characteristics of Microhotplates in Gaseous Sensor Arrays with Silicon Aerogel for Heat Insulation

1569517613 Monitoring Energy Cost Using a Wireless Patch Type Sensor Module with Embedded Algorithm

1569517883 Energy Efficient Echo-Hiding Extraction Method Based on Fine Grain Intermittent Power Control

1569518037 Photolithography-based realization of Frequency Steerable Acoustic Sensors on PVDF substrate

1569518321 Gyroscopic System for Yaw Channel Control in Aerobatic UAV Helicopters

1569518477 Design and Development of a Novel Capacitive Sensor Matrix for Measuring Pressure Distribution

1569518513 Non-Intrusive Measurement of the Active Power in Induction Heating Systems through the Proximate Magnetic Field

1569518623 Bootstrapping Trust in Networked Measurement Systems with Secure Sensors

1569519367 Assessing the Health of Sensors Using Data Historians

1569519385 Elderly-care Monitoring Sensor Using Stepped-FM UWB Scheme

1569519401 UWB Stepped-FM Sensor for Home Security

1569519435 Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms for Energy-Efficiency in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks

1569519441 Pedestrian and Two-wheeler Detection Using Ultra-Wideband Vehicular Radar

1569519507 Target Classification in Wireless Sensor Network Using Particle Swarm Optimization

1569519509 Scenario-based Routing for Sensor Networks Applied to Ambient Navigation Assistance

1569519541 Diagnosis of Induction Motor Rotor Faults Based on Finite Element Evaluation of Voltage Harmonics of Coil  Sensors

1569519545 Measuring Sensible Heat Flux with High Spatial Density

1569519555 Survey of commercial sensors and emerging miniaturized technologies for safety applications in hydrogen vehicles

1569519559 Combining Multiple, Inexpensive GPS Receivers to Improve Accuracy and Reliability

1569519619 Self-orientation of Directional Antennas, Assisted by Mobile Robots, for Receiving the Best Wireless Signal   Strength

1569520241 Effect of Glucose(C6H12O6) Addition on Piezoelectric Properties for Sensing Applications

1569524199 Visualization of the Fatigue Crack for Pressure Vessel by Mechanoluminesce Sensor

1569524375 Intelligent Sensor Hub Benefits for Wireless Sensor Networks

1569524431 Smart Vest for Posture Monitoring

1569524443 Elemental analysis of coal by means of Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) technique

1569524475 High Precision Thick-Film Load Cell For Dynamic Force Measurement

1569524571 High availability wireless temperature sensors for harsh environments

1569524635 Multi-frequency ECT Method for Defect Depth Estimation

1569524643 Evaluation of Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile for Sensors Applications in Smartphone Platforms

1569524665 Preparation and Characterization of Conductive Sensors Based on Potassium and Silver Hollandite

1569524667 A Multi-probe Setup for the Measurement of Angular Vibrations in a Rotating Shaft

1569524687 Conductors sag monitoring by means of a laser based scanning measuring system: experimental results

1569524693 A Microfluidic Gas Analyzer for Selective Detection of Biomarker Gases

1569524697 Remote monitoring of vital signs in patients with chronic heart failure, sensor devices and data analysis perspective

1569524707 Reverse Flow Alarm Activation using Electrical Capacitance Tomometric (ECTm) Correlation

1569524715 Assessment of VOCs in air using sensor array under various exposure conditions

1569524719 A Differentiated Reliable Routing Protocol Along With Re-Routing Policy In Wireless Sensor Networks

1569524723 Plug-in Electric Vehicle Battery Sensor Interface in Smart Grid Network for Electricity Billing

1569524729 A double stage Kalman filter for sensor fusion and orientation tracking in 9D IMU

1569524737 Differential Cavity Length Experimental CRDS Sensor Apparatus

1569524765 Active Crack Indicator with Mechanoluminescent sensing technique

1569527011 The Recursive Time Synchronization Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

1569527699 Wideband capacitive Energy Harvester Based On Mechanical Frequency-Up Conversion

1569527703 Design and Simulation of a Novel Capillary-type Thermal Mass Flow Meter

1569528313 An Energy-Efficient Power Control MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

1569529861 Wireless Sensor Network based Forewarning Models for Groundnut Pests and Diseases

1569530035 Smart Audio Sensor on Anomaly Respiration Detection using FLAC Features

1569530059 IPT Charged Wireless Sensor Module for River Sedimentation Detection

1569531571 Parallel-plate capacitance sensor for nondestructive measurement of moisture content of different types of                             wheat